Choosing the right size can be a daunting task. If you're unsure and want someone to help you get your finger sized professionally, it's easiest to go to your local jeweller or jewellery store where they can tell you your size in person.

As all our pieces are handmade, the diameter of each ring may vary slightly. If your ring does not fit you, we will be happy to resize it in our workshop.
For more info about resizing please contact:

Some of our rings such as the adjustable or oversized pieces are only available in one size. If you are not sure whether these will fit you please contact us and we'll help you work out what will fit best.

All our online products are displayed in UK sizes, these correspond to a diameter or circumference which can help you work out your size if you're unsure of the UK sizes. For the diameter, measure inside a ring you already own. For the circumference, measure around your finger of choice.

Currently we have on offer:

  • J - 15.5mm diameter / 48.7mm circumference
  • L - 16.3mm diameter / 51.2mm circumference
  • N - 17.1mm diameter / 53.8mm circumference
  • P - 17.9mm diameter / 56.3mm circumference
  • R - 18.8mm diameter / 58.9mm circumference
  • T - 19.6mm diameter / 61.4mm circumference
*We are working on a sizing chart that will be available to print and hopefully make working out your size easier, but until then either use our measurements given or check your size with a local jeweller as advised above.*