Cinch Bona Bracelet

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Part of our Bona Bracelets, this is Cinch:

Cinch is a creature of protection. One of three brothers, the Locke's each have the ability to see dreams and secrets alike.

Cinch himself likes the impossible, the dreams that seem so far off they could almost never happen. He likes to help people hold onto them and never let them go.

Cinch is for those who dream big but must work hard or journey far. Little but by no means weak, he will never let your dreams drift away.

Created by Queen Mab centuries ago, Cinch is the smallest and youngest member of the brothers Locke.

This Bona Bracelet holds a Brass Charm.

The Bracelet is hand woven in natural fibres in a variety of colours.


Made by hand in our Colchester Workshop.

These bracelets are one of a kind, so once the one pictured is gone it's gone. We may re-use certain colours in the weaving pattern but we always aim to alter how they are used to keep every Bona Bracelet individual.

 With every Bona Bracelet you will receive a Hawkers Promise. This allows for any Bona Bracelets about to fall apart or getting delicate to be returned for repair. This repair service will cost £30 and will allow the owner to choose what colours are used for their new bracelet.


 When you are ready to use your Hawkers Promise, please email us and we will send you details of our address to post back your bracelet to as well as colour options and go through the repair procedure with you.


Everything listed on Pearly Hawker is specially handmade for you in our workshop. Due to this if you return your bracelet for repair with your Hawkers promise, please allow up to 14 working days for your bracelet to be re-made and sent out to you.



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