Nemean Lion Claw

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A vicious monster in mythology that lived in Nemea, the Nemean Lion could not be killed with mortal weapons. Its golden fur was impervious to attack and its claws were sharper than any swords, able to cut through any armour.
Once defeated the creature was too heavy to carry and impossible to skin. It was athena who told hercules to use one of the lions claws.

Playing on that idea, this is the claw of that famous lion. 
Tide up with a leather cord and set with two ceramic beads.



Made by hand in our Colchester Workshop.

Available in Brass, Sterling silver & Gold (9ct Yellow).

Ceramic Beads will vary from current photos!
The images we currently have up are from our first creation of the pendant, we will have the varying images with the different beads available to view soon.


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