The brothers Locke

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Creatures of protection, the Locke's each have the ability to see dreams and secrets alike. Created by Mab centuries ago, each brother has taken a specific interest in their duties.
The Smallest and youngest of the brothers is called Cinch, he himself likes the impossible. The dreams that seem so far off they could almost never happen.
The Medium and middle child of the brothers is called Seal. He likes to look at the present, dreams and battles that are happening now. He believes in not losing track of what has been fought and hard won, he will never let you forget your progress or how far you've come.
The Larger and eldest of the brothers is called Latch and he is the holder of the past. Mountains climbed, battles won and lost, he remembers them all. With his brothers in charge of the future and the present, he believes that nothing should be left in the past.
Separately they have their own duties and their own beliefs, but together they are quite a force. Locking and protecting your ambitions, dreams and goals from past, present and future. They will bolster you, push you and never let you forget all you have accomplished and gained.


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