The Three Sisters

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The three sisters are as old as the wind and just as powerful. Bee familiars they have a sense of unity and in history their kind were even seen as messengers to the other realms. 

The three sisters are separately quite powerful, but together they are unstoppable. A dreamer, a pragmatist and a protector, the three sisters work together to help the wearer avoid negativity, seek out adventure and worry less about the molehills in the life. Aella, Ilma and Acantha will always be on your side, whether you just need one of them or all three.

Inspired by a record of a witch who historically had three bee familiars.

Info on the sisters and their traits:-
Aella is the fastest and most courageous of her sisters. Her name meaning 'Whirlwind' she is the adventurer of her family. There's no sea, land or sky she has not seen, her curiousity knows no bounds and she sees no reason to slow down yet. Those who wear her will be inspired by her stories and curioustiy. Her sense of adventure is infectious and if you allow her to, she will make sure you travel on clear skies to new stories of your very own.
Ilma is the calmer and more understanding of the three, her name meaning 'Air' she takes her time and prefers to enjoy the blues of the sky than threat about a grey cloud that will eventually pass. She has a good ear and enjoys listening to peoples worries and dreams. Unlike her sisters she does not enjoy rushing in to things, she knows that every opportunity in life can change quite quickly. She will push you to take the good but will also remind you that the bad will pass.
Acantha is the protector of her family, her name meaning 'Thorn' she demands respect and lives by a sense of balance. A furious creature when wronged, she takes great joy in reminding others that she can be a literal thorn in a persons side when they challenge her. She has no time for those that would disappoint her, fail her or do harm to her, but she is ready to face them and to defend whom so ever will wear her token.



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