Sixes and Sevens

Sixes and Sevens is a collection created by Pearly Hawker, which will hold designs that will donate towards conservations, trusts and charities.

Inspired by my Great Grandfather & his brothers charity "The Fives", I wanted to create something that would allow me the ability and power to give back as well as help in areas that I feel passionate about. (This will vary from helping towards animals, to rebuilding the coral reefs, to helping towards sufferers of Alzheimers/Dementia etc...)

Every design will be inspired by something different and will have its own conservation, trust or charity that it's dedicated to. To add to this, always arriving with your purchased piece will be information about the field it is dedicated to and how you can help further if you wish.

I will be continuously adding to the designs, charities, trusts and/or conservations listed here, so believe me when I say this is going to be a very mixed and colourful collection.