Recycle & Repair


We've all discarded treasures, have forgotten heirlooms or just pieces that hide in the dark and are no longer worn. That's where we come in! We can recycle, re-work, re-design and essentially breathe new life into something so that it no longer has to stay in a box on the shelf. For more information on our Bespoke Work when looking to recycle, please check out our bespoke page!

Here is one example. A client had received a plain sterling silver bangle as a present. It was uncomfortable to wear and didn't match their style, but it was a present from a loved one so they wanted to re-work it to make it something they'd wear everyday. Mercedes sat down with the client and talked about the jewellery that they wear and styles that they love, working closely with the client and their daughter. This led to the bangle being melted down and re-worked into a multiple piece bangle with a heart charm, specially shaped and sized to sit comfortably on the wrist, have movement and also be secure when out and about:



Here at Pearly Hawker we also enjoy doing repairs on old pieces that have their own story but are unwearable. Rather than leave them to wrack and ruin, we work with the client to restore the treasured item to its former glory allowing it a new lease of life. 

Above is a ring that the owners father used to wear, the band was snapped from heavy wear but the owner wanted to keep it to remember his father by. We reshaped the shank so that it would fit his ring size and fixed the band. It now lives pride of place on his hand and follows him everywhere on tour!

Above was a fairly simple repair, the owner had lost the right earring of a pair of white gold earrings bought for her by her mother. We made a mould, cast the earring and polished it up to match the original. A simple job, but it meant the world to the client and meant that she could happily wear this present again.


These are just a few examples, but they show just what Recycling and Repairing can mean and do in this industry. It is so easy to throw away or lose things, when sometimes all they need a little bit of work to make them part of your life again. So whether you want to recycle something into a bespoke design or to repair something we will always work with you and help you to continue those stories.