Pearly Hawker

Since 2019 I've been working on this idea of brining a mix of my own little world & all it's influences under one banner. As a multidisciplinary artist based in Colchester, Essex, it made sense to get my family history involved which led me to start Pearly Hawker.

At the moment Pearly Hawker is mostly jewellery, but I am hoping to be able to show more elements within different mediums to really bring the Pearly Hawker I envisioned to life.

With a BA Hons in Silversmithing, my main medium is using lost wax carving and casting techniques to create my work. With experience in printing, illustration, sculpting & painting however, it can get very colourful and allows me to explore more areas of what I love and want to make.

Thanks for visiting us here online, I hope you love our little world as much as I do.