Our Studio

The Old Buoy Store is in the old town of Camulodonum by the River Colne, where the Pearly Hawker collects her stories and turns them into pieces to display and sell here.
The Old Buoy Store was a creative project started by the Pearly Hawker and her father, where they restored, painted and worked to make the studio everything they'd imagined it could be. An artistic hub, it holds not only the Pearly Hawker but also a screen printer and a sculptor currently. Both are extremely passionate about creating and restoring beautiful works, so it's a constant hub of ideas, crafting and collaborations.

The resident Pearly sometimes has to dash about here and there to collect what's needed to make her stories. Due to this the studio is only open by appointment and will not accept visits that have not been arranged. As although the Old Buoy Store is always busy with someone working and creating, it is unfair to disturb her companions if you're looking to visit the Pearly and her work alone.