Mercedes likes to work directly with bespoke and recycling clients every step of the way to ensure their new story will be as important to them in the future as it is today. Due to the nature of the work however and how it is made to the specific instructions of the client, there are some ground rules we need to make clear:

  1. A contract will be signed acknowledging that all edits or alterations are made to the clients specific instructions, and therefor the end design is what they have requested and has been made by Pearly Hawker in accordance with those requests.
  2. A 50% deposit will be taken once the initial design has been agreed.
  3. Any alterations or edits requested during the making of your design will be charged for and included in the end total.
  4. All bespoke orders are non-refundable. This is a design made for you at your own instruction, no refund will be processed so make sure this is a design you both love and want. We check in with the client at every step of the making process, so speak to us if you feel that it's not quite right. We are more than happy to work with you to make sure this turns into a design you love.

Below are some examples of Bespoke orders made with Pearly Hawker.



Bespoke orders are not currently being taken, but if you have an idea for a future commission or a query in regard to a bespoke design. Contact us at:


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