Care Guide

Here at Pearly Hawker we use a variation of high quality materials, such as Brass, Sterling Silver & 9ct Yellow Gold.


Due to the sculptural nature of a lot of our pieces, special care does need to be taken when ensuring the quality and condition of your Pearly Hawker pieces.
In the day to day our jewellery can get scratched or marked and for many of us that just adds to the pieces story, showing how much we love and wear them. But sometimes it can be devastating when a piece gets marked.
So when wearing your jewellery be careful of knocking or bumping your pieces, as this can lead to scratches, dents or even breakages.
If you are in need of repairs, please contact us at


All our gold and sterling silver pieces will be hallmarked and stamped to prove quality.
Like all metals our finer pieces are susceptible to tarnishing. If you notice this and as mentioned before it doesn't add to your piece, please attempt polishing the item with a polishing cloth (depending on the metal of the piece) and of course store any item you're not wearing in its original packaging.


For our stones we use a mix of precious stones & semi-precious stones. When wearing pieces with stone settings, please be careful as knocking or bumping may result in some extreme cases with loss of stones or stones potentially coming loose. All our pieces are set professionally in the UK, so it will take a lot to loosen or lose a stone. This is merely a warning to avoid any upset should a severe knock cause this to happen.