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"...I like the dead best of all. They are simple things, and they talk to me with respect. The living look at me with revulsion." - pg81 Norse Mythology, Neil Gaiman.

In Norse Mythology, Loki the trickster god has three children with a giantess. The World serpent, Fenrir, and a daughter called Hel. 
Hel is brought to Odin upon discovery and asked what she is so that the All-Father can place her rightly. 
Her answer is based on her experiences thus far. With half her face alive and the other dead, she explains that only the dead show her respect as the dead do not judge. So Odin places her in Niflheim, where the dead can attend her and she can be their queen.

Hel's token is a ring based on this young girl who is the embodiment of mortality and the truth of us as humans. A reminder to not judge or look upon others in revulsion, as we all share the same fate. As we walk together, let Hel remind you to be courageous and confident in who you are. To both give and have respect shown to you, as there is always more to people than what you see.


Made by hand in our Colchester Workshop.

Available in Gold (9ct Yellow).

Sizing: Available in sizes J, L, N, P, R & T (UK Sizing). 
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