9ct Orb Ring

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It might be because of our towns history that this came into being. Growing up with the Siege House and the Obelisk behind the castle, it's hard not to learn about the English Civil War. These pieces of history that endure even to this day, they are strangely out of place and yet you couldn't imagine them not being there. The Orb is kind of like that. A coin made out of necessity. 
A strange lozenge shape, this is a ring inspired by history and the mad things that survive it.  

Siege money was made in the third and final stages of the siege. A Newark Orb was made to meet the need for money to pay for troupes and supplies. Royalists would freely give up their silver (plates, flagons, decorative pieces etc...) to be remade into the lozenge shaped coins in Newark-On-Trent.
This is why when found, you can sometimes see patterns on the coins. This is normally a bit of decoration from the original object left on when the coins were cut. 
They are a genuine time stamp of the third and final siege before King Charles surrendered.


Made by hand in our Colchester Workshop.

Available in Gold (9ct Yellow).

Sizing: Available in sizes J, L, N, P, R & T (UK Sizing). 
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