Delora ring

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The eldest daughter of the Marcellus family, Delora is the official messenger to Salacia. Delora is a very inquisitive hermit crab who unlike her siblings pays attention to every little detail before her. 
A beautiful story teller she can recall all the tales of her family and of the sea, possibly the only reason she managed to get the twins to start their training. 
Kind, adventurous and a keen listener, she has been known to help her wearers with even the scariest of situations. Listening to their stories and adding them to her own tales, they will be her confidant and she will be theirs. 



Made by hand in our Colchester Workshop.

Available in Brass, Sterling silver & Gold (9ct Yellow).

Sizing: Available in sizes J, L, N, P, R & T (UK Sizing). 
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