Staters of Camulos

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Coins are the start of many stories. Sometimes old, sometimes new, they can either help us gain a new story or they can remind us of one.
Old coins have lost stories, but they do like to hint at the past.
These earrings are inspired by old celtic jewellery and are comprised by three coins, with imagery from coinage of both the Trinovantes and Camulodunum with reference to King Cunobelin.


A collection of coins that would have been minted in Camulodunum by the Trinovantes. A celtic tribe of Essex, the staters used show the symbols of these celts. There is the sign of the Trinovantes, a horse with the start of "CUNO" and one that shows the symbol for Camulodunum at the time and "CAMU"
Colchester was originally an Oppodium for the Romans before becoming the Oldest recorded Town in Britain.



Made by hand in our Colchester Workshop.

Available in Brass, Sterling silver & Gold (9ct Yellow).  


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