Birthday Madness and Recollections

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Ladies and Gentlemen!

What a year we've had so far and it's only just beginning!

As we say fair well to Valentines day and all the wonderfully over the top heart shaped decor that the day entails, we here at Pearly Hawker find ourselves preparing for yet another celebration straight out the gate.

It's my Birthday this sunday and I wanted to say thankyou to all those that have found my work and helped to support Pearly Hawker as it went live with all its designs so far.

Which is why I'm giving everyone 15% off sitewide!

Now if you haven't had an email explaining all this, why haven't you subscribed to our newsletter you goon! No worries if you haven't though, as I've added the discount code to the bottom of this blog post. (How many of you just zoomed to the bottom?)

It's technically my first birthday with my brand live for everyone to see, so I wanted to celebrate it.
Birthdays are strange events, a marker in time which depending on many circumstances can just be a day like any other. I feel very lucky that I have a wonderful family, amazing people in my life and that I do work that I love and am proud of.
Designing and making jewellery is such an important part of my life now. I am a maker through and through, but there was a time when I didn't know what I was going to do or be. It's very hard when you're creative to find the right path for yourself.
If you're lucky someone will give you a nudge in the right direction or you'll have options shown to you that you can try and pursue. I myself had to really search for what I was meant to do. I was really lost and unsure about what to do with my life. It took a moment of being brave and making a call in an apple field of all places, for me to find this world of jewellery making.
It's hard to imagine now that apple picking would lead to me getting my degree in Silversmithing, but that's what happened.

Three amazing years of learning and studying a field I am ridiculously passionate about and making some amazing friends on the way.

So on this 29th year, I am happy. I do the work I love, I am surrounded by people I love and I will not worry or be scared. I will face everything that comes my way and I will (like that day in the apple field) take a deep breath and be brave with every decision I have yet to make. 
That being said, I do have my birthday off for once! So I am going to behave like the massive child I am.

Quick mention that I am working on some new designs.
There's a charity collection that will be available soon, more products, more designs, a few interesting recycling designs that I want to share to show the process.
That's all to come and I promise I will attempt to keep everyone up to date via this blog, the newsletter or our social medias.

Anyway, the birthday discount will only be available from 7am GMT February 22nd to 11.30pm GMT February 24th. So use the code wisely and enjoy yourselves.


Thanks for reading x

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