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Hi there!

So if you're reading this you've discovered Pearly Hawker.

Here's just a little info about us and what we are aiming to do. There will be more to add in the future, so this is just a quick start to begin and stop our blog from looking so bare!

To start with Pearly Hawker is a jewellery brand inspired by my own personal history, my town, my travels and all the influences around me. Which allows my work to be very varied and slightly theatrical.

I myself come from a family of tangents who are all creative and mad in their own way. So my thoughts don't really stop they just go for a wonderful wander. This I am told can be either highly amusing or very very annoying. In all honesty as a creative I find how my brain works to be rather useful when having to come up with designs. 

We don't do seasons. I would probably pull my hair out if I had to keep up with season releases and the latest styles. I love fashion, but what I design and make is heavily inspired by things I'm passionate or curious about. So we'll never have seasonal releases. I may come up with a design or event inspired round a holiday for example, but that'll be it. 

We have an instagram and facebook page, where we will post about events, updates, giveaways, shows etc.

Everything we make starts in Colchester. We have a workshop called The Old Buoy Store, which was redesigned and turned into a creative workshop by my father and I. It's a wonderful place to just hide away, get some designs done and just carve all day.  

All our packaging is sustainable and eco-friendly, we aim to do our part and not use anything that can't be either re-used or recycled.

I am hoping to add a charity based page in the future that will be specifically for designs that will give donations to conservation projects, charities and trusts.
This will be in the form of charms potentially, but it may turn into other items being available. Right now I'm working on designs and who to allocate to which design, so keep an eye out as I'll hopefully be posting these on here and on our social medias soon.

I've probably forgotten something, but for now that's a pretty good starting place for this blog. I hope some of these points have helped or at least given you a better idea of what Pearly Hawker is and aims to be. 

Thanks for reading X 



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